Animate Animal

May 24, 2009

In a recent project i was asked to combine the stuffed animals of the museum with the living human life form.  In the beginning I struggled with a topic.  However, after some deliberation I reached the idea of showing how ignorant we are to wonder a round a museum staring at these dead animals, paying attention only to the way they look and not where they come from or there general personals.  I have emphasized this idea by zoning in on parts of a human body together with parts of an animal body as we do not study the human body as objectively as we seem to an animal in a museum.


Laundry.. a photo.

April 1, 2009

After completing my garments I created what would effectively be used as an advertising campaign to promote them.  By making the photos appear decayed and old it gave the garments even more of a feeling of history and memories.

Laundry, as an illustration.

March 24, 2009

So here I am now, using my samples to create some illustrations.  Especially using my knits, as there is a very slim chance I will ever be a good enough knitter to create a whole garment.  However, I try.  Here they are!


March 20, 2009

Think laundry, what comes to mind?  For me, its life.  The way a garment goes round & round the washing machine, tossing and turning, changing itself is like our lives.  The diferent trials and tribulations we go through which shape us into different people from one to the next… and this is my new project.

I’ve started by looking at the way you can change paper and fabrics by heating it up, washing it and burning it.  And I’ve began to create a few frayed knits in the process…


Hello world!

March 16, 2009

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